Monday 20th February 2012 Skirts by Clare Strand featured by 42x60

[42X60] calls on an artist to create an art work to be edited on a 42x60 format.
The artist will have to work within this imposed format and adapt to the specifics thereof.   Three thousand copies, exhibited per traditional posting method, will catch the Parisian passer-by attention during two month. During this same period copies will deposited in various art centres throughout France. 

This exhibit concept will confront the artists’ work against the authentic street environment.
In concert, the [42x60] internet site will welcome complementary interviews of the artist allowing for a more precise approach and decoding of the work.  The internet site aims at prolonging the artists’ intention and mark in time the short-lived nature of the exhibit. In time, archives of both works and interviews will add to the website.