Saturday 25th August 2012 There's Something Happening Here

Curated by James Reid and Tom Watt. 

Brancolini Grimaldi Private view 13th September 7pm-9pm

his September Brancolini Grimaldi hosts There’s Something Happening Here, a group exhibition that showcases the work of a new generation of photographers. Curated by James Reid (Photography Director at Wallpaper* ) and Tom Watt (Art Director at Art Review), the exhibition includes photographers from a diverse range of photographic backgrounds: from fashion and still life to conceptual photography and contemporary art. Notwithstanding the diversity of their practice, striking parallels emerge that reflect the current and uncertain times. Their work challenges the conventional boundaries of photography in surprising and forward-thinking ways, from appropriating found images to incorporating other media. Together these artists are exploring the world and the medium of photography in a radical and experimental way. The images presented form a record of modern times, and between each work a new dialogue emerges – one that questions and provokes the current state of play, but remains uncertain, revealing something dark, disquieting and not yet fully formed. T