Thursday 30th March 2017 I Want I Want I ant Art and Techonolgy

30th April - Oct 1st 2017

I Want! I Want! – Art and Technology a curated selection from the Arts Council Collection, and other renowned Collections, of work by contemporary artists using technology. Work spanning the last 20 years shows how British and international artists have navigated and contributed to a social, cultural and technological revolution. There has been a dramatic shift in how technology has been used to make, present and engage audiences in a variety of ways. From surveillance and gaming technology to computer graphics and animation, CAD, digital art and the internet, artists have made films, sculptures, interactive games, photographs, and drawings.

The exhibition’s title is inspired by the etching I Want! I Want! by the artist William Blake, depicting a man aspiring to travel to the moon over two hundred years ago. It is a visionary work of imagination and ambition that is shared by the artists in the show that celebrates what they find compelling - turning an idea into reality.