Friday 11th November 2016 Post-Screen Festival (PSF2016) November 11th -4th Jan 2017.

Unspoken Dialogues exhibition with Gary Hill and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. Lisbon. Artist Talk 10th November 6.30 - 8pm , Auditorio Lagoa Henriues, FBAUL  (University of Lisbon).

The exhibition Unspoken Dialogues is part of the programme of the 2nd Post Screen Festival and includes works by guest artists Clare Strand, Gary Hill and Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. These names are joined by selected artists Abelardo Gil-Fournier, Abraham Avnisan, Atif Akin and the TeYosh duo, who have responded to the challenge by presenting their proposed art projects. These have been evaluated and carefully selected by an international curatorial committee. The exhibition will be open from 12 November 2016 to 4 January 2017, at the Millennium Gallery, in Lisbon.

Unspoken Dialogues brings together a series of works that demonstrate the extraordinary impact that screens are having on contemporary thought, and speculates about the kind of communication that arises as a result of the confrontation between the viewer and technological devices. Faced with each screen, the viewer participates in a kind of dialogue that follows, in a subliminal and sometimes implied way, from the process of receiving, questioning and constructing meaning around that confrontation.

The works presented in this exhibition involve direct or indirect interaction which will establish the level of dialogue that comes from experience and reflection on the part of the visitor. We are talking, therefore, about screens that mediate dialogues involving, on the one hand, greater insight by the visitor and, on the other, require their participation to activate the work.

Through themes such as language, communication, digital poetics, narrativity, social networks and surveillance systems, different media are presented by the artists: video, photography, software applications, internet-based art, and media objects. The exhibition deals with the ambiguity of images, of meanings and the information conveyed by television, by video and photographic language, by the virtual nature of the web or by the ubiquitous accessibility that portable screens provide.