Tuesday 23rd October 2018 Interviewing Pompidou Curator Florian Ebner for Foam Magazine

Exhibiting The Boundries of Photography.

Clare Strand: Hi Florian. Good to see you, can you see me?

Florian Ebner: Hi. Yes.

CS: Great. So, when we briefly chatted about doing this, you were keen not to have a formal interview. Why is this?

FE: Yeah, I think it’s to try to avoid this very classical narrative of a career. Mine was not always such a straight career, you know. I practised photography, I taught photography, I wrote about photography, I went back again to teach photography, I exhibited my photography and also curated shows.

CS: This leads me to my second question. Why have you asked me to be involved in this conversation?

FE: [Laughter] I like to have a kind of oblique thinking about traditional formats for exhibitions and other things. When I got this invitation to do an interview, I thought it might be interesting to do it with a person who has an oblique way of thinking. When I attended your talk in Paris you spoke about the territories of photography – the little bit on the borders of photography, and I thought this might fit quite well because it’s exactly what I’m thinking about currently............................

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