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Skirts (2011)

"one of arts distinctions is to provide maximum emotion using minimum means, something in which photography excels. And when the photo in question shows nothing. Hidden under next to nothing Then you feel you are nearing the goal..The sheer magic of the lighting transition from two dimensions to n dimensions. without even considering three dimensions. This chasm opened before me, quite by chance without even trying when confronted with some small photos Small tables covered with small skirts, Hung on my wall, these temples force me to believe In what, I do not want to know."

Phillppe Starck 2013.

"Skirting is an everyday, commercial product. I am really interested in small, specialised worlds – it’s where I feel most comfortable. Skirting is used to make tables "pretty" which does make me chuckle. Skirting is also used to conceal, trick and to cover up flaws… all things that photography is very efficient in. I chose to make a typology with Skirts, as this type of categorisation is also something that photography has been most useful for. The idea of taking vast amounts of research and boiling it down to the simplest possible outcome is very attractive to me".

Clare Strand In interview with Another magazine.

Skirts is held in the collection of the New York Public Library, MoMA NY and SFMOMA.