Exquisite corpse (2011)

“I’ve always learnt from fashion imagery,” says artist Clare Strand. “I like its freedom to embrace the absurd, and its refusal to provide any answers". Exquisite Corpse invokes Strand’s fascinations with the Surrealist Movement and the infamous Black Dahlia murder case."
Another Magazine 2013.

"Clare Strand’s Exquisite Corpse re-imagines the fashion shoot as a macabre mediation on surrealism and mutilation. Influenced by the Nelson and Bayliss’ book on the Elizabeth Short murder of 1947, also known as the The Black Dahlia case.
Exquisite Corpse, both obviously and obliquely, references the Surrealist imagery that Strand admires and feels connected to. The slicing of the photographic surface in relation to Shorts mutilated body brings about a compelling resonance."

Brancolini Grimaldi, 2012.