• Shutter Release ( activated with right hand)

  • Focus Pull ( Right to Left ).

  • Cyclegraph10: Film Advance (left to right)

  • Eralc Photo Lumi Tracers as used by Clare Strand

Cyclegraphs Camera Work ( 2013)

"For the Cyclegraph Camera work images Strand strapped lights to her hands ( Eracl Lumi Tracers) whilst making a photograph, (Focus pull, Shutter Release and Film Advance). Here, as in The Betterment Room project, she references the early twentieth-century photographic experiments of the Gilbreths to study and improve workers efficiency"

IPRN publication; Work 2005

"Like much of her work, the results have intellectual weight and aesthetic lightness: they look good even if you know nothing about them."

Nina Caplan,Time Out.