• Spaceland Detail Black.

  • Spaceland White

  • Spaceland and Flatland Black and White.

  • Spaceland Black.

  • Spaceland Colour.

  • Spaceland Monochrome Spectral.

  • Spaceland Colour and Spaceland Black.

    Flatland Colour and Black mixed.

  • Spaceland Detail Colour.

Spaceland/Flatland (2012)

Edwin Abbot’s novella Flatlands (1884) offered the vision of dimensions beyond the observable, where a square can become a cube. Coincidently in the same year George Eastman received his patent for photographic film, which led the way to the first hand held mainstream cameras and the mass conversion of the 3 dimensional into the 2 dimensional.With Flatland and Spaceland, traditional processed photographic paper is cut and folded to make a sequence of three-dimensional platonic shapes.The 2D templates are framed alongside.